Is it legal for me to trap a rat?

There is no denying that there are some really peculiar laws out there. This is especially true when it comes to animals. Because many animals are endangered or threatened, facing the reality of extinction, local, state, and federal governments have enacted laws to protect these animals. This is true of specific types of squirrels, frogs, even bats. Because of the special protections, it is illegal for you to kill these animals. In fact, the law provides even greater protections for them. In some places, you are not even allowed to trap, capture, or hinder these animals in any way. In doing so, it is viewed as a potential risk to the animal, so this type of activity is not allowed.

That Can't Apply to the Rat
Because there are these odd laws out there, some start to question whether they apply to more common animals. In some states, it is illegal for you to hunt raccoons, for example. This is because these animals were hunted to near extinction in some regions and so laws were created to protect them. But, what about the rat? Are there protections for these rodents?

It's Really an Obvious Answer
The answer is as obvious as you would think it would be. Rats live in the billions across the globe. In fact, for every one person on the planet there are probably 30 or 40 rats, meaning that there are over 200 billion of these critters around. Virtually every species of rat is thriving. They have lived successfully because they know how to live off of the innovation of human beings. They eat our food and trash. They live in our buildings and structures. They even get across the globe on our ships, planes, and cars. We have been the primary means by how rats have prospered. Because of this, there is no protection for them. Someone could wipe out a million rats in New York City and it would do virtually nothing to the population of rats across the globe, in the United States, even in New York City itself. It would have virtually no impact on.

You Are Safe
This should be a load off your mind if you are concerned about injuring, trapping, or killing around. There is no legal jeopardy you will find yourself in by performing one of these acts. These animals are not protected in any way. No local city, county, state, or national government protects them. In fact, no one would even bother you whatsoever if you were to kill these animals in large numbers. Local city and county officials even try to control the populations of these rats by poisoning or spraying them on a regular basis. Because of the number of diseases that these animals carry, there is a push to try to reduce their numbers. So, if you were to capture or kill one, you would more likely receive a pat on the back then be put in any kind of legal jeopardy.

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